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New Research Report on Medical Tourism Market, 2014-2020

Medical tourism is one of the most dynamically growing industries today. Considered to be the direct impact of globalisation of healthcare, medical tourism certainly exhibits strong growth potential globally. However, based on FMI’s research, the market of medical tourism is expected to concentrate within most of the emerging economies of the world. As developing nations are increasingly heading toward technological advancement and quality services in the medical and healthcare sector,

EU referendum: The NHS needs immigration

Announcing her decision to defect from Vote Leave to the Remain campaign, Conservative MP Dr Sarah Wollaston claimed: “If you meet a migrant in the NHS, they are more likely to be treating you than [be] ahead of you in the queue”. How right she is. Migrants fall into two groups: those who are visiting temporarily, and those who are residents. People from the first group who use the NHS

Nigeria’s Buhari ‘broke promise to end medical tourism’

A leading Nigerian doctor has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of reneging on a promise to end “medical tourism” by seeking treatment in the UK. Nigerians spent $1bn (£690m) on foreign medical trips in 2013, most of which was unnecessary, said Dr Osahon Enabulele. Nigerian politicians were mostly treated by Nigerian doctors in the UK, he added. Mr Buhari flew to London on Monday to be treated for an ear infection.

Medical Tourism Market Value and Growth 2014-2020

Medical tourism is a popular trend that has come about due to advances in the field of medical technology, growing number of patients and high level of expertise in the medical field. Simply explained, people travelling from their home country to another country with the intention to secure medical treatment, which might not be available in their homeland, is known as medical tourism.  Segments such as cosmetic surgery, dental care,

Hospitals seek tax sops, easy visas for medical tourism

India’s leading hospital chains want the government to reduce visa fees, set up dedicated immigration counters and offer tax sops to encourage medical tourism. The tourism ministry has already proposed e-visas that will make it easy for foreign patients to visit India and boost medical tourism  On Thursday, the home ministry announced that foreigners visiting India for short-term yoga programmes and short duration medical treatment under the Indian system of

FHM School to offer revision courses for foreign trained medical doctors

Professor Yao Kwawukume, the President of Family Health Medical School, said in a statement that the school had been accredited by the Medical and Dental Council to run an access/revision course for foreign trained medical doctors. He said it was a requirement from the Medical and Dental Council that foreign trained doctors took an exam to qualify to practice in the country. “The school has been selected to organise a

Doctors to be trained to help migrants

(ANSA) – Rome, May 4 – An Italian medical NGO, the International Health Observatory (OIS), on Wednesday presented a new program to train Italy’s medical personnel to better handle newly arrived asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East. The project fielded by the OIS is called Border Health Care and would train Italian and foreign doctors on immigration-related health issues. The OIS came up with it after a survey

Foreign patients come to Korea in search of master doctors

A big change in the pattern of foreign patients visiting South Korea is being made. In the past, remedy they came to Korea for affordable medical expenses. Today, sovaldi sale foreign patients come to stay in Korea because their needs are unmet in advanced countries like the United States and Europe. The number of foreign patients who visited Korea is estimated to reach 160,000 in 2012, 260,000 in 2014 and

How Telehealth plays a big role in medical tourism

History tells us about travels of Greek pilgrims over the Mediterranean to the Epidauria, help sanctuary of the healing god Asklepios. Medical tourism exists parallel to history of pathology and need for medical health care and with advancements in technology, no rx especially in electronic and communication; medical tourism is also shifting onto digital platforms. After all, thumb technology is meant to make life easier for human kind. Need and

Foreign physicians without work permit

LARGE number of foreign physicians is working in medical colleges and clinics in Bangladesh without valid work permit laundering millions of taka each year. As per a vernacular daily with the mushrooming of private health facilities in the country, foreign physicians, particularly Indian physicians are overcrowding the private sector health organizations but most such practice and their remittance is remaining unreported to local administration and also to the higher revenue