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There are no legally licensed foreign medical professionals working in Indonesia: Health Ministry

If you happen to be seeing a doctor who is not an Indonesian citizen, view according to the Health Ministry they do not have the proper licenses to legally treat you in Indonesia. The investigation into the death of 33-year-old Allya Siska Nadya, sick which police believe was caused by the malpractice of American chiropractor Randall Cafferty last year, seek has put the media’s spotlight on the issue foreigners working

4 Questions Students Should Ask About Health Care Abroad

For students planning to earn a degree overseas, the preparations don’t end after selecting a school, applying for a visa and booking plane tickets. Future international students also need to spend time researching the health care risks and resources in their destination country. “Don’t take your health for granted,” says Dr. Deborah Mills, medical director of Australia’s Travel Medicine Alliance, a network of medical professionals that specialize in the health of

Will Health Tourism Disrupt America’s Hospitals?

The elderly man from Oman who was receiving a cardiac catheterization was the third international patient that Dr. Patel and I had seen in the past hour. Before him, cialis there were two others: a Kenyan woman with a heart dysrhythmia and an Arab man with colon cancer. These were just three of over 450, there 000 patients who travel to India from more than 130 countries annually to receive

Find ways to fill gap with local doctors

While we are fortunate to be able to attract foreign doctors to meet our immediate needs, patient it is not a suitable long-term solution. Employing translators is also not a good way to solve the issue of language barriers between foreign doctors and local patients (“Foreign touch in national healthcare“; Wednesday). Though the majority of Singaporeans are English-educated, prostate we have overlooked the fact that some of us may face

Florida, like nation, faces a shortage of physicians over next decade

A report released last spring, cialis sale which predicted that in 2025 Florida would experience a shortage of about 7,000 physicians, should not have come as a surprise. “There have always been [physician] shortages created by changing science, which keeps leading to increasingly specialized areas of practice,” said Yank Coble, a Jacksonville endocrinologist and a former president of the American Medical Association. Additionally, there have always been geographic shortages, areas

Foreign doctors paid to train as GPs

The Government is to pay for foreign doctors to become GPs in a bid to boost the number of family doctors, it emerged today. Overseas doctors will get NHS funding to train to become GPs for the first time since the mid 1980s, Health Minister John Hutton announced. The move was an important strand in the Government’s drive to increase GP numbers, he said. Under the current system, overseas doctors

Thailand and Malaysia emerging as global economic leaders in the medical tourism industry

The world medical tourism map is changing spatially and economically. This highly advanced and ever-growing industry serves millions of patients every year, with clinics, treatments and healthcare available more cheaply and readily in developing countries than ever before. A clear industry leader is emerging in South East Asia, overtaking countries in America, Africa and Eastern Europe to become the first port of call for many seeking low-cost procedures abroad. The

Malaysia best for medical travel

KUALA LUMPUR:Malaysia was proclaimed Medical Travel Destination of the Year at the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) Medical Travel Awards 2015, viagra further cementing the country’s position as a world-class healthcare tourism destination that provides top-notch and innovative medical services. Thirteen awards were given out at the ceremony on Wednesday at the Royal Garden Hotel in London, sovaldi among them for International Hospital of the Year; Specialist International Patient Centre;

The Patient Abroad: An Exploration of the Motivations and Impact of Medical Tourism

Approximately 11 million people were medical tourists in 2013, generating a market worth over $50 billion. While obtaining accurate data is challenging, estimates suggest the global medical tourism market is expanding by 25% each year. Having grown up in the UK, where high-quality healthcare is available to all through the National Health Service, I hadn’t given the concept of medical tourism a great deal of thought before I moved to