For a father, watching his son grow is like reliving his life. And pampering his daughter with love and gifts is the manliest thing he ever does. Such is the pride of a father. The story is very similar from the share this website child’s point also. A father for a child is his pride. He is someone he looks upon, is his idol and an anchor of his life. So what does it take to create this beautiful father child relationship?

gives the child a sense of security, which boosts his self-esteem. When a child sees his father involved in taking decisions for him, help him in solving his math sums, listen to his experiences, share jokes with him, his world has not one but two pillars gta 5 cheats tool of support a mother and a father!

A father is role model for the child. Your attitude, values, views, beliefs all influence your child’s personality. Whatever you do, he’ll follow it blindly. Be an idol your child can look up to. Exhibit the qualities you want your child to show. Help a needy to infuse compassion in your child. Respect people irrespective of their status or caste to teach your child to respect others. Also it’s time to break the image of a traditional father who is a breadwinner and a
disciplinarian. Be a father click great website in whom a child’s sees his guide, his mentor. Be someone to whom the child can come with his problems, be heard patiently and not necessarily have solutions. Don’t be an authoritarian; instead be an authority your child can rely upon. Your work can wait, but not your child’s childhood .Don’t miss the fun of seeing your child grow. Savor each moment with him. Play football, have pillow fights or just laugh together on silly jokes. Spend quality time with your child. Give your child a bath on Sunday, cuddle
up with him at night, have a warm chat with him about his day after office, build castles of sand. Show your love and pride in words and action. Attend all of his important occasions – tournaments, PTM, competitions. Try to show up at your

Fathers are complacent thinking that the mother is there to care and share with the child. They believe that an occasional hug, a holiday, gifts, watching T.V. together is quite an involvement in their child’s life. Come out of this myth. A father’s presence is as important as that of a mother. A father’s presence gives emotional stability to the child. His love and participation in a child’s life son’s football tournament or your daughter’s declamation contest, and see for yourself the glow on their faces.

Give your child the most precious gift- love his mother. Mother for a child is his world. He is possessive, protective and wants to see his mother happy. A father’s love and respect for the mother of his children is best possible gift he can ever give them. Give your child a sense of security, faith in relationships, a positive attitude by respecting and loving his mother. Give him a happy home for a happy and beautiful life ahead.