Fireplaces bring a certain feeling of warmth to our home especially during winter. Fireplaces are not that cheap, however. And when winter passes by, they will only function as display furniture. A great alternative for expensive fireplaces are faux fireplaces. Faux is a Greek word which means false or fake. If you want to exude style and warm atmosphere in your home, you can use this type of furniture.

Creating faux fireplaces can be done in various ways. Make your old and defunct fireplace into something new. Reinventing your old fireplace is the key. You can convert your old fireplace to a shelf for storage. The first thing you need to do is to remove the fireplace grate and all other wood residues and retain the mantle and surround. The next step is to fashion a theme for your fireplace. You can match it with the existing theme of your living room or have a unique design of its own. The new theme should always be faithful to the material. Plywood can be used for the back panel. After accomplishing the step above, you can put wallpaper in your back panel or repaint the mantle and the surround. The mantle can be decorated with vase, lamp, or candles.

To create faux fireplaces in a more practical way, you can reuse your heater. Remove all unnecessary things to make use of your antique fireplace. Try applying brush strokes of gold paint to give your plain, black, marble fireplace a rustic look. However, it is best to apply varnish or other wood paint color for mobile strike hack cheats wooden finishes. Yellow lights inside the basket can hold an old heater. Your makeshift hearth will have a burning effect. One advantage of having this inside your home is to avoid fire burning your house or other accidents that might involve fire.

On the other hand, it is difficult to improvise one for designed for outdoor use. Outdoor fireplaces are usually made of cement and stone. These are for people who just love outdoors but would still want something to keep them warm and cozy even outside. Patio heaters and fire pits are some of its most common names. To avoid accidents, this type of fireplace is a better idea than indoor. This also allows you to easily change firewood and light fire. Because the wind can easily extinguish the fire, outdoor fire pits often have thick hoods.

Outdoor fireplaces can be as easy to make as fake fireplaces. Leftover bricks and stones in your backyard can be used to make one. The ideal place to put up a fireplace is a location away from your house and cable wires. Incorporate your desired measurements in the plan. Use mixed cement to glue these stones and bricks together and follow the plan faithfully. Allot a space for a box where you will put the firewood.

For an unconventional and modern look, your best option is to have wall fireplaces. Minimalist style and modern design incorporate this kind of fireplace.