Avoiding false diagnoses, costly downtime and preventing failures of rotary encoders is an important aspect of ensuring that your process runs smoothly. This is why LEINE & LINDE offers a unique integrated early warning system. The system, called ADS?(鎻俤vanced Diagnostic System?, is installed on the 800 Series of rotary encoders. The LEINE & LINDE rotary encoders are gaining the attention of those in production plants in the milling industry, particularly wind mills, paper mills, steels mills, oil mills and mining.

Rotary encoders in production plants love this website are often subjected to high mechanical stresses in the form of shock www.gta5hackcheats.top/gta5hack/ and vibrations, as well as high temperatures. Since rotary encoders are a key component of modern machinery and plant control units, constructing them with a diagnostic system can help reduce costly downtime. Diagnostic systems monitor the internal functionality of rotary encoders which provides a basis for initiating maintenance measures in good time. The LEINE & LINDE 800 Series Encoders with ADS quickly and clearly detects worn out ball bearings due to poor installation, dust contamination, moisture issues, overheating and more.

The automatic self-diagnosis system works by internally monitoring the completeness of the rotary encoder pulses and the correct pulse sequence. Errors are then relayed as a flashing LED on the rear of the encoder housing. The rotary encoder records the time of the fault and the corresponding error code so that the user can read and analyze the error code via an RS-32 share here interface once the encoder has been removed. In addition, a report can be displayed at the machine if additional wiring is added to an overriding system control.

The early warning system installed on the 800 Series of LEINE & LINDE rotary encoders allows users to prevent failures, reduce downtime and continue running their production plant as usual.