If you happen to be seeing a doctor who is not an Indonesian citizen, view according to the Health Ministry they do not have the proper licenses to legally treat you in Indonesia.

The investigation into the death of 33-year-old Allya Siska Nadya, sick which police believe was caused by the malpractice of American chiropractor Randall Cafferty last year, seek has put the media’s spotlight on the issue foreigners working in the Indonesian medical industry.

According to the Health Ministry, any foreign medical professionals currently working in Indonesia are doing so illegally.

“So if there are foreigners giving medical treatment in any form whatsoever [in Indonesia], that’s illegal,” said Asjikin Iman Hidayat Dachlan, head of the Health Ministry’s Human Resources and Development Planning, as quoted by Okezone.

Asjikin added that there are currently no foreign medical professionals registered with the ministry and that the ministry has not issued a medical licenses to any foreigners – whether to an individual or a foreigner-run clinic – thus far.

That’s not to say that foreigners aren’t allowed to practice medicine in Indonesia. Just like local doctors, it is theoretically possible for foreign doctors to obtain the appropriate permits from the ministry and the relevant doctors’ associations.

Asjikin then called on the public to report any foreign medical professionals working in Indonesia to the Health Ministry.